Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1861 Seated Liberty Quarter
SEGS Proof-64

1861 Seated Liberty Quarter in SEGS Proof-64 obverse

Proof mintage = 1,000
Business strike mintage = 4,853,600

1861 Seated Liberty Quarter in SEGS Proof-64 reverse

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          A much better date Proof quarter despite the large original mintage of 1000 pieces. At the beginning of 1862, over 600 of those coins remained available for sale, and were melted rather than being kept in the Mint's inventory providing a net mintage of under 400 pieces. This coin was actually struck on April 15, 1861. In terms of appearance, the scan came out rather awful. In reality, it is medium toned, with the obverse being 2/3 blue and 1/3 gold, and the reverse being 3/4 blue and 1/4 rose. I wish I could figure out a better imaging system!

Priced at $2300.00

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