Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1875 Three Cent Nickel
PCGS Proof-65

1875 Three Cent Nickel in PCGS Proof-65 obverse

Proof mintage = 700
Business strike mintage = 228,000

1875 Three Cent Nickel in PCGS Proof-65 reverse

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          Near white with a hint of gold. Breen lists two varieties for the Proofs of 1875, and this coin best matches the description of the second variety. I have owned the first variety, and it is easy to identify that one, so I can assure you that this piece is not one of those. The second variety reportedly has some recutting on the 5 in the date but I can not see any through my stereo microscope. If there is any recutting, it may have been pretty well polished away by the time this coin was struck.

Priced at $1175.00

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