Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1883 Seated Liberty Half Dollar
PCI Proof-66

1883 Seated Liberty Half Dollar in PCI Proof-66 obverse

Proof mintage = 1,039
Business strike mintage = 8,000

1883 Seated Liberty Half Dollar in PCI Proof-66 reverse

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          A real gem with essentially flawless surfaces. No imperfections visible without magnification. The color is a medium smoke gray color, and it is not hazy. Super strike of course. As usual, it looks better in person than it does in the scan. The obverse is not black as it appears, and the speckling on the reverse is not particularly noticeable. The 1883 is one of the better dates of the series, with a mintage of 8000 business strikes and 1039 Proofs. This is certainly one of the finest remaining of the Proofs.

Priced at $4250.00

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