Pre-1917 Proof Coins

1882 $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle
SEGS Proof-60

1882 Gold Quarter Eagle in SEGS Proof-60 obverse

Proof mintage = 67
Business strike mintage = 4,000

1882 Gold Quarter Eagle in SEGS Proof-60 reverse

Click here for a 300 dpi image of the whole slab

Click here for a 1200 dpi image of the coin only

          A better date Proof $2.50, much scarcer than the Proof quarter eagles of the 1890 to 1907 era. This piece only achieved the grade of Proof-60 due to a small ding near the upper of the three arrowheads on the reverse. The ding is actually smaller than it looks in the scan above. Great reflectivity!
          As for value, keep in mind that this Proof, with it's tiny mintage of 67 and perhaps 30 to 35 surviving examples, is priced at only about 10 times as much as the most common date Liberty Head quarter eagle in the grade of MS-60. This 1882 is a better date in business strike format as well, with a mintage of only 4,000 pieces.

Priced at $3600.00

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